Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Challenge: 30 days on $30 of Food

Our good friend Kirby Trapolino has recently launched a blog about surviving off of $30 of food for 30 days. The purpose of his blog is to bring awareness of the plight of the world's poorest: the millions of South Asia's urban slum dwellers who live off of an average of $1 per day. In his desire to heighten awareness of these "poorest of the poor" and their needs, he is living off of $30 of food for 30 days March 30 - April 28. He will be calculating what he would have usually spent on food during that same time, and will donate that to our orphanage in India. We challenge you to do the same! Follow the link to track Kirby's day by day progress through the challenge:

30 Days on $30 Challenge

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