Thursday, July 2, 2009


Announcing the Friends of Peace Gospel Network

The "Friends of Peace Gospel" Network was recently established in response to our constant exposure to highly qualified indigenous ministries requesting partnership with our organization. Honestly, we had felt a little overwhelmed with all of the requests, especially considering that our focus has been solely on South Asia for the past 16 years, and many of the friends we've been meeting are from Africa, the Pacific Rim and Southeast Asia. However, as we received grant applications from many of these ministries, we realized there was an opportunity to partner with them in a limited capacity while developing relationships that could later grow into full partnerships. Our process of review and accountability parameters remain the same as with our top-level partnerships in South Asia, but our level of financial commitment to members of the network is not as deep due to obvious limitations.

We invite you to learn more about our first member of the network, an indigenous ministry in the Republic of Chad. More information will be forthcoming about other pending members, including ministries from Uganda, Kenya, The Philippines and Israel. As these members earn a deeper level of trust and partnership with our organization, you will start to see a move away from our focus on South Asia toward a more global reach in impact, Lord willing. We hope you will stay tuned, and continue to pray for our efforts to empower native missions through micro-enterprise.

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