Sunday, October 11, 2009


Help Us Recover from Worst Flood in a Century

You might have seen in recent news that South India was hit by what is believed to be the worst flood there in 100 years. Our native team is scrambling to respond with relief aid in the form of food, water and tents. It is estimated that 2.5 million are homeless, seeking refuge in government-run relief camps. We have several churches and one widow's seamstress business school in the villages along the lower half of the Krishna River, which was one of the hardest-hit areas. We fear that our seamstress school there is completely gone, as it was situated close to the banks of the river and is completely submerged at the moment.

Please contribute to our relief fund today to help get much needed relief supplies to those most in need, and to help us rebuild our churches and our widow's seamstress business school. As the average daily wage in India is less than $2, just remember that no gift is too small!

Give online at our website:

Or give through our Facebook Causes page:

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