Uganda primary school improvements and clean water well


Goal: $33,800 Raised: $3,850

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Objective: To make improvements to our rural primary school, ensuring our students’ comfort and safety, and to construct a clean water well which will improve the health of our students and those in our local community.

Our rural primary school in Uganda, located in a tiny village called Mairinya on the eastern edge of the Mayuge District, not far from the Kenya border, offers a primary education from 1st to 7th grade. Before we started the school there was no access to education within a reasonable walking distance of the village. The school averages about 200 students who are all on scholarship to attend free of charge. They receive a fresh cooked breakfast and lunch each school day. The campus there also includes its own farmland, providing more fresh organic ingredients for our students’ meals.

We are seeking to raise $33,800 to make improvements to our rural primary school, and construct a clean water well. For the primary school, we need to install metallic window and door screens, purchase new desks and textbooks, construct a new classroom, and build a perimeter fence around the entire campus. We need to purchase building materials such as bricks, sand, cement, iron bars, iron sheets, nails, aggregates, rolls of chain link, concrete poles, barbed wires, and binding wires. For the safe water well, we need to hire a water well drilling company to begin the work.

The improvements to our rural primary school will greatly improve our students’ comfort, enriching their pursuit of a good education, as well as help to attract paying students from the local community. The fence surrounding our campus will protect the children from dangerous drivers who operate cars and motorcycles close to the area where our children play adjacent to the road. The clean water well will be located on the primary school campus, but it will also serve the local community with safe and clean water. In addition, it will help the children access clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing, and enable our small-scale irrigation system to water the crops and plants grown in the school garden.

Studies have shown that education is the key to preventing the rampant rise of the trafficking of minors. Children in Uganda are especially vulnerable to the dangers of child labor and human trafficking, so it is our priority to work for their protection, education, and care.